Themba-labantwana Academy
Themba-labantwana Academy provides growth and development opportunities to poor, disenfranchised and low income people. We also help foster the development of healthy and vibrant communities.
  TLA Programs

Adopt a Student
The adopt-a-student program is an innovative response to the educational needs of the poor, abandoned and disadvantaged children in our communities — who need financial assistance to gain access to quality more

The importance of education in breaking the poverty circle cannot be over emphasized. The scholarship program helps fund the educational needs of students at TERTIARY more
TLA is leading a coordinated community effort to improve the rate of university or college graduates in South African more
TLA entrepreneurship program makes a difference in the community by assisting hard working and committed individuals, access skills and knowledge to start or expand their small business and create local more
TLA defines advocacy as a participatory and collective process that entails the fusion of local talents, knowledge, skills and resources with technical expertise- to increase the collective power of the people to transform themselves and their communities For a better more
Each year, millions of YOUNG SOUTH AFRICANS lose their lives to the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. Our services are designed to assist those most infected and affected by the lack of information and resources to cope and prevent stigmatization amongst the more