Themba-labantwana Academy
Themba-labantwana Academy provides growth and development opportunities to poor, disenfranchised and low income people. We also help foster the development of healthy and vibrant communities.
  Founders Message

Greetings and welcome to the Themba-labantwana Academy for Educational and Social Development (a.k.a TLA) website! Changing socio-economic realities combined with government policy and funding patterns mean that we constantly need to find new ways to address emerging issues and the resulting social service needs in our community. TLA aims to be a catalyst in creating strong, healthy and vibrant communities by building partnerships and working with disenfranchised individuals to tap into their innate abilities.

We are deeply committed to addressing our stakeholders’ needs, listening to donors, to supporters, to service providers and to making responsive and informed decisions. Our strategic plan is based on the priority issues that we have been able to identify as being important to the long-term health and well-being of our community.

The following simple guidelines inform the thrust of our work:

  • We are committed to addressing root causes of social problems and conditions, by bringing together Government, Industry and Civil Society to address what matters to all of us.
  • We support preventive and proactive approaches and activities that promote the building and strengthening of our communities.
  • We support and promote stability in times of social and sectoral changes.
  • We promote opportunities for learning and sharing best practices.
  • We promote cross-cultural collaboration by engaging all sectors in our work.
  • And we are committed to allocating donor funds efficiently, by ensuring that majority of funds go directly to programs and to stakeholders who need them most.
Local participation and ownership is crucial to the work we do. National and International partnerships are also important to us as our diverse list of volunteer consultants and Board members will show. We have various opportunities for those who want to spend some of their time volunteering and also gaining life affirming experiences from our community members. I encourage you to fully explore our website and learn about the various programs and services we provide, as well as opportunities for joining our network.

I am very pleased to be a part of the movement for self-sufficiency, and I want to assure you that TLA will continue to do what matters; and that is build vibrant and sustainable communities through empowering individuals to reach their true potentials.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff, our volunteers and all the stakeholders who benefit from the support of our donors, I want to say thank you for your commitment and your generous contributions to the Themba-labantwana Academy.

Sincerely, yours in spirit of education

Thembakazi du Bruyn
BA (Belford)
Founding Director