Themba-labantwana Academy
Themba-labantwana Academy provides growth and development opportunities to poor, disenfranchised and low income people. We also help foster the development of healthy and vibrant communities.
  Health - A condition of optimal well-being

Each year, millions of YOUNG SOUTH AFRICANS lose their lives to the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. Our services are designed to assist those most infected and affected by the lack of information and resources to cope and prevent stigmatization amongst the community.

TLA provides free health information sessions and one on one youth assistance in the following areas:

• Preventative measures through basic hygiene training
• Community outreach on good nutritional habits and lifestyle
• Use of indigenous herbs and roots for medicinal purposes
• Awareness about unhealthy lifestyles
• HIV/AIDS awareness
• Doctor home visits and advice
• Distribution of medical aid kits