Themba-labantwana Academy
Themba-labantwana Academy provides growth and development opportunities to poor, disenfranchised and low income people. We also help foster the development of healthy and vibrant communities.
  Advocacy - active support of a cause, idea, or policy

TLA defines advocacy as a participatory and collective process that entails the fusion of local talents, knowledge, skills and resources with technical expertise- to increase the collective power of the people to transform themselves and their communities For a better tomorrow.
TLA advocates on behalf of our stakeholders for the kinds of policies that will promote the development of sustainable communities locally and globally . TLA focuses particular attention on government and private sector policies that greatly affect the quality of life of our low income and disenfranchised young people. Our top advocacy priorities are:
• Education
• Employment
• Youth skills empowerment
• Women’s Empowerment
• Community development

In the private sector, we work with key allies in: retail , telecommunications and private educational institutions to advocate for:
• Access to quality service and education.

We actively engage allies in the public and private sectors, board members, volunteers and stakeholders in our advocacy efforts.